Kevin Daniels | Mediadesigner & Frontend-Developer



Kevin is a mediadesigner and frontend-developer who believes in balance between design and performance by default. He envisions each of his projects as an art itself and crafts it together in communication with clients and their targets.


To accomplish his goals, he always tries new approaches and game-changers for his belief so that his creations and content can speak directly to the audience.


And like his creations you can also speak to him 😉
▼ Project 0 / May 2018 Gamedesign / Illustration / Sounddesign
Good Knight — Play the WebGL Game that was developed for school children. Come and get all the stars!
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▼ Project 0 / February 2017 GoogleMaps / User Interface / webdesign
Frankfurter Weg — A member-oriented Website that uses the Google Maps API and a clean design.
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▼ Project 0 / March 2018 Editorial Design / Photography / Printdesign
Henri Cartier-Bresson — In honor of the godfather of photography I created a booklet based on his life and work.
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▼ Project 0 / November 2016 Illustration / interaktion / ui/ux / webdesign
Paderborner Martinslauf — The new marathon in Paderborn that was established in 2015 with it's stunning UX.
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